Child Sexual Abuse- How to prevent it. BHAROSA: Understand Child friendly court system in India.

Episode 1
APNAO CONVERSATION EP: 11 Globally there has been an increase in child sexual abuse but only a small percentage of victims report and very few offenders are convicted. Thanks to Dr. Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta, India has seen an increase in the conviction rate of the criminals. Dr. Mamatha is an advocate, a child rights activist and the brain behind hugely successful BHAROSA CENTER- A child friendly court in Telangana India. In this episode of Apnao Conversations, Dr. Mamatha shares about how to prevent Child Sexual Abuse and also the systems that are in place to help the victims and bring conviction to the offenders. Please listen to this talk to understand how this child-friendly court system works and the efficacy of it. Watch this 9 min video now. FB: YouTube: IGTV: apnao.campaign
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