COVID 19 & Child Marriages

Episode 1
APNAO CONVERSATIONS- EPISODE 10 Worldwide, an estimated 12 million girls are married every year before the age of 18 - nearly one girl every three seconds. international children's charity, World Vision, has warned that coronavirus could put an extra 4 million girls at risk of early and forced marriage. Deepening poverty, caused by the pandemic, is likely to add further financial burdens onto families, causing them to marry off their daughters early. Are our governments ready to tackle this issue? The Indian government, particularly Telangana government has had success lately in reducing the number of child marriages. Will this be undone by this pandemic. What are the structures still in place? What are the present Indian laws that can help us fight this evil? In this episode of APNAO CONVERSATIONS, FilmMaker & Change Catalyst PEARL GANTA speaks with Dr.Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta, who is women and child rights activist. Dr. Mamatha has championed many causes. She is instrumental in bringing changes in the Law for Prohibition of child marriages in India. Hear her share the strategy she implemented in Telangana to curb child marriages. Watch this 9 min video now. FB: www. YouTube: IGTV: apnao.campaign
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