How to Engage your children during the COVID-19 lockdown- APNAO CONVERSATIONS

Episode 1
APNAO CONVERSATIONS EPISODE 1 Millions of children all around the world are forced to stay indoors because of the Covid-19 lockdown situation. You, as a parent might be struggling to help your child to cope with this. In this video you will discover how you can engage your children and help them to come out of this in a positive way. Subscribe now: Think about it, Parents & Children have never faced this situation before. Everyone is grappling to find solutions. You as a parent need all the help you want. This video does exactly that. Filmmaker & change catalyst, PEARL GANTA speaks with DR. VASUPRADHA, a psychotherapist who shares some practical tips to help parents to tackle this situation. In this video you will learn about how facts are important to children and how involving them in your everyday house hold work helps them to overcome difficult situations. Watch this video now.
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