Re-think Business- How can your BUSINESS make a social impact

Episode 1
APNAO CONVERSATIONS EPISODE 5 According to a UN report about 400 million people in India may sink into poverty because of the COVID-19 crisis. This increases the risk of child abandonment because we know poverty is the primary reason for child abandonment in India. So, how can we prevent this? What can we do to make sure people are not staying in poverty. Are NGOs the solution? Are Handouts the solution? What is a permanent and a long time solution? What is the place of “A Business” and what should be the attitude of a businessman in lifting people out of poverty? These are some of the things you will hear in this conversation between PEARL GANTA and MATS TUNEHAG. Mats is a speaker, writer, and business consultant from Sweden. Mats has worked in more than half the countries of the world and serves with a global investment fund that helps SMEs to grow in size and holistic impact in the Arab world and Asia.
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